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Kaplan is a global, diversified education leader specializing in higher education, test prepara- tion, professional education, language training and university pathway programs. Its leadership in online learning, international student recruitment and improving student outcomes has also made Kaplan a multi-purpose strategic partner for other universities and businesses.

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Kaplan’s operations are organized into four segments:


Kaplan Higher Education provides a wide array of customized education services, including program strategy and management, curriculum and instructional support, student recruitment and support, technology, and reporting and analytics, to help provide maximum return on educational investment to students, employers and institutions of higher learning. With extensive experience in learning science and curriculum design, KHE is uniquely positioned to help customers implement best practices in faculty and staff training and professional development, while integrating technology into the overall student experience.

KHE has been a pioneer in higher education, using technology and learning science to expand educational access and improve outcomes for the students and partners it supports. In 2001, it helped launch Kaplan University’s foray into the emerging world of online higher education with just 34 students and a handful of degree options. In 2018, in a first-of-its-kind innovation in higher education, KHE transferred control of Kaplan University to Purdue University, creating Purdue University Global. Today, KHE serves as Purdue Global’s education services provider, supporting 14 learning centers and 2,100 employees and faculty, while serving approximately 29,000 students.


Kaplan Professional (KP) is a leading provider of training and education solutions, serving about 3,500 business-to-business clients, including 166 Fortune 500 companies, in the United States. In 2018, more than 480,000 students used KP’s exam preparation offerings. Globally, Kaplan offers professional training and education solutions in more than 30 countries and to over 10,000 businesses.

KP helps professionals obtain and maintain in-demand certifications, licenses and designations that enable them to advance and succeed in their careers. Through live and online instruction, Kaplan Professional provides test preparation, licensing, continuing education, and professional development and leadership programs to businesses and individuals in the accounting, engineering, insurance, securities, real estate, financial planning, and information technology industries. KP includes College For Professional Planning (CFFP), which complements its CFP education offerings, and Professional Publications, Inc. (PPI), which is the recognized leader in engineering, surveying, architecture, and interior design licensure exam review.

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Kaplan Test Prep is the world leader in test preparation and has served millions of students since its founding 80 years ago. With a comprehensive menu of online offerings, in-person classes, books and software, Kaplan Test Prep offers preparation for more than 200 standardized tests, including entrance exams for secondary school, college and graduate school, as well as professional licensing exams for attorneys, physicians and nurses. Kaplan also provides private tutoring and graduate admissions consulting services. During 2018, Kaplan Test Prep enrolled over 340,000 students in its courses, including more than 171,000 enrolled in online programs.

KTP includes Kaplan Publishing, which focuses on print test preparation resources sold through retail channels under the Kaplan Test Prep, Manhattan Prep and Barron’s Educational Series brands. At the end of 2018, Kaplan Publishing had approximately 1,100 titles in print and digital formats.

This unit includes Metis, an accredited and licensed data science school and training company with locations in New York, California, Illinois and Washington. Metis operates 12-week data science boot camps in each of its locations and conducts trainings for corporations around the world. As well, it includes i-Human Patients which provides online, simulated patient interactions for use in training and assessing medical health professionals and is typically purchased by medical and nursing schools.

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Kaplan International’s programs are designed to help students achieve specific educational goals and provide career qualifications that enable them to compete effectively in a global marketplace.


Based in London, Kaplan International English offers English-language training through 37 schools located in the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. Ranging in length from two to 52 weeks, programs include Vacation, General, and Intensive English as well as English for Business. In 2018, KI English served about 36,000 students for in-class English-language instruction.

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Also based in London, Kaplan International Pathways offers a range of academic preparation programs designed for international students who wish to study in English-speaking countries. KI Pathways partners with more than 40 universities globally, to university preparation programs in Australia, China, Japan, Myanmar, Singapore, the UK, and the US; these programs served about 12,000 students in 2018. As well, Kaplan Living works with university partners in the U.K. to develop and manage campus residences and other facilities; locations include Glasgow, Nottingham, Bournemouth, and Liverpool. In addition to bringing students to campus, Kaplan helps university partners host their academic programs in other countries, delivering undergraduate and graduate degree programs to students living in Singapore, Hong Kong and surrounding countries as well as online through its Kaplan Open Learning division.

KI Pathways also operates Mander Portman Woodward (MPW), a leading U.K. independent sixth-form college that prepares students for A-level exams and entry into U.K. universities; MPW operates three schools in London.

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Kaplan Financial UK is a leading provider of professional training, test preparation services and degrees for accounting and financial services professionals, including those studying for ACCA, CIMA, and ICAEW qualifications. In 2018, Kaplan Financial UK served over 50,000 students and many top firms and has 21 training centers in the U.K.

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Dublin Business School is the largest private college in Ireland, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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Asia Pacific

Kaplan has several units in Australia. Kaplan Professional is Australia’s largest provider of professional education for the financial services, tax and accounting, and real estate sectors, serving approximately 43,000 students through online or distance-learning programs and approximately 1,800 students through face-to-face programs within Kaplan Business School.

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Further, Kaplan Business School in Australia operates four campuses (in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane) and serves about 2,300 students (2018) from more than 80 countries, offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs in such areas as accounting, business, management, marketing, and hospitality and tourism.

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Kaplan Australia includes Red Marker, a machine learning and artificial intelligence-based provider of regulatory software.

In Singapore, Kaplan operates three units. Kaplan Higher Education Institute provides part-time courses to local students and Kaplan Higher Education Academy offers full-time courses to international and domestic students, with degrees awarded in partnership with universities based in Australia, the U.K., and Ireland; together these units about 16,700 students in 2018 Kaplan Professional in Singapore provides short-term professional training to about 55,000 managers, executives and businesspeople.

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Kaplan also offers professional and higher education programs in Hong Kong, mainland China, Malaysia, and Myanmar.


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